SSO Sample
Sample Client's Web Page...
This is a Sample Client's Web Page that should be served from the Client's Servers.

This Web Page can call the TabaPay SSO Demo Web Page as either:

a Modal Dialog Box overlaying the Web Page:

or an Imbedded Form within the Web Page:

The TabaPay SSO Demo Web Page
(either the Modal Dialog Box or Imbedded Form)
is served from the TabaPay Servers and it is just a Demo.
How it looks like can be customizable.

v0.0507/18/2018Premium (fancier) SSO Sample (coming soon)
v0.0407/05/2018SSO Updates
v0.0306/15/2018SSO Samples and Examples are now running in Sandbox Environment
v0.0206/2018Test your Custom SSO Web Page
v0.0105/2018Added Imbedded Form Demo
v0.0004/2018Initial SSO Demo

If you have already customized your SSO WebPage and submitted it to us,
when it is ready, you can check out the look and feel of it and test it...

Here are the Results that were returned from the call to TabaPay :
...Other parts of Client's Form...
Payment Card Data (Imbedded TabaPay SSO Form)
...Other parts of Client's Form...

Next steps is usually for the Client to take the Token shown below and:

(1) To Send it to the Client's Server

(2) The Client's Server can then use it in one of the following TabaPay API Calls:

    ● Query Card (try the Demo above)
    ● Create Account
    ● Update Account
    ● Create Transaction

Hidden Part of Form containing the Payment Card Data
Last 4No Data
Expiration DateNo Data


No Data
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